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AQUATAL wisdom series countertop water purifier -We care your water

*Slim, minimalist,stylish design
*5 stages direct purification technologies combination
*Ultimate, extraordinary,amazing drinking experience
*Come up with 18.5cm width definitely fit any kind of kitchen
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AQUATAL Circlebar series desktop water cooler purifier -We care your water

*Elegant, stylish ,innovative design concept
*Present hot, cold or mix cup volume with one touch dispense
*Extremely low height only 35cm own patent structure design
*A optimal combination of advantages, purification,engineering technologies
*UVC-LED sterilization Eliminate 99.99% water-borne bacteria and micro-organism
*Sustainable , Environmental friendly.
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For more than 10 years, Suzhou Puretal Eletric Co.,Ltd has been working to meet the growing need for better quality, cleaner water by developing, producing and marketing a comprehensive range of water treatment systems. With extensive knowledge and vast experience, Puretal has positioned themselves as international pioneers and innovators in the area of water. Providing optimal solutions for all filtration and water purification needs.Our product covers water dispenser, water purifier, RO and UF systems, soda maker, ice maker, water bottle and water pitchers.Exporting to the American, European, South America and Southeast Asia Markets.

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